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What is our Church Streaming Software?

Our live streaming software is a cloud-based system allowing you to stream content live to anywhere in the world. An end-to-end solution specially designed for churches, our reliable church streaming service allows you to stream church service, events, conferences, outreaches, and bespoke gatherings.

You can host the live streams on your Church Helper website and 3rd party systems. You can also steam on social media platforms via our software’s social media integration.

Unlike other live streaming services (e.g. Facebook Live, YouTube Live, etc.), our live streaming software is ad-free. Members of your congregation can also access the ad-free streaming via desktop, laptop, tablet, mobile device, and smart TV (e.g. Apple TV).

On top of all this, you can expect uninterrupted live broadcast, unlimited streaming, reliable content delivery, adaptive live transcoding, and many more features that you can’t get from other church streaming software. This is our guarantee as we strive to become the best live streaming software available to you.

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Why do you need live
streaming software?

Each church will discover a range of benefits from using our church live streaming software, depending on your specific requirements and expectations.

It is important to connect with younger, more diverse audiences, and the use of social media and technology is central to this. Having live streaming capabilities ensures your church will reach these audiences and beyond.

To help you to understand just what a transformation our software can make, we’ve listed some of the main reasons why you should use our comprehensive solution.

Reach your whole congregation

No matter where your congregation is, you can stream your church services and events to them thanks to our streaming software.

So many people are choosing to move away or travel. Some are unable to attend church in person due to various circumstances. Without a way to reach them, they may struggle to feel part of your community.

Using live streaming services like our software, you will have the option to live stream to them. You can live stream church service online at a set time, provide replay times, or save streams to your website for people to watch at a later date.

In doing so, you make them feel part of church services or worship services and events, as much as those attending in person. You’ll also ensure you reach as many members of your congregation as possible.

Connect with other Churches

If you manage a church or work for a church with multiple campuses, then streaming software allows you to connect with other church leaders and everyone involved in real-time.

This huge investment in a streaming service supports churches under your care, as they begin to feel more connected with one another, despite the physical distance between them.

Live streaming services allow you to hold a conference for all the churches in your group. All speakers from various locations can also contribute to the same discussion or meeting.

Our live streaming service makes this process seamless and effective, without disruption or a weak video signal. We have a team of experts who can support you get set up and providing a guide on how to use the software.

Get creative and attract new members

Design and create attractive content to stream using our intuitive, easy-to-use software. You will have the option of streaming normal church services or going for a more creative live stream of a choir session, wedding event, or industry conference, using multiple cameras.

Furthermore, we appreciate every church spends much of its time trying to recruit new members to their congregation. And as one of the top church streaming services, our software helps with this task.

Share your message with your local community and those around the world by deciding to broadcast content on social media such as Facebook and YouTube, your website, and 3rd party systems.

Our software makes it easy to upload professional-grade, multi-camera production, quality live recording content to most platforms.

Record your events

For those unable to attend in person or online, our streaming software will allow you to record events for viewing later on. This makes it easy for everyone to stay connected.

Equally, you may wish to upload it to your video streaming platform or website or give it to members on physical media such as a flash drive or CD for them to take home. This is a fantastic way to ensure your congregation is always up to date and included in the group.

As one of the best live streaming software, our streaming solution will ensure your recordings will not have poor video quality. Instead, church attendees at home will feel as though they are attending in person with how high quality the video recordings will be.

What you can use it for

Church Streaming Software can be used for a wide range of purposes, making it impressively one of the most cost-effective streaming solutions that will become a central part of your church processes.

Live streaming weddings

Live streaming weddings

Allow the happy couple the chance to stream their wedding to friends and family unable to attend in person. Furthermore, you can record and archive the stream as a memory of the special day for the couple to keep with them.

Live streaming church services

Live streaming church services

Live streaming church service is the core purpose for using our streaming software, ensuring your services and sermons are streamed around the venue to all those in-person, then further afield to all those attending online.

Live streaming events and conferences

Live streaming events and conferences

If your church holds special events, such as fundraising days and donation drives, then you can live stream the event to reach the maximum audience possible. In turn, this will allow you to share your message, raise money, and achieve better results via live streaming for churches. Likewise, if you wish to hold a religious conference or internal meeting between all stakeholders, then investing in live streaming solutions like our streaming software will allow everyone to attend and contribute.

Live streaming choir concerts

Live streaming choir concerts

Music and choir concerts form such a magical part of the church experience and you don’t want anyone to miss out. Live stream high-quality videos of your concerts, hold choir practices online or plan future events with our fantastic software. Just because it's live video and not in person, doesn't mean you can't have a great time.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Our live streaming software is an intuitive streaming solution allowing your church to stream a concert, religious service, sermon, wedding, and any other event to your congregation. This is for those both inside the church building and those unable to make it and who are attending online.

We believe our church live streaming software bridges the gap for those unable to attend or require added assistance. You want to share your church’s message and engage with those who need it most—no matter where they are located—and we are here to help.

Yes, we have created our streaming software to be easy to set up, easy to use, and easy to share with your congregation. Thanks to it being specifically designed for churches and ministries, we have only added features that you will find useful. We believe this helps make life easier, so you can then focus on the important aspects of managing your church or running a live event. Being able to stream free, live services can make a massive difference to your membership numbers.

No, our church live streaming software works with standard computers and sound equipment. This means you can use your existing setup of cameras, hosting service, and technology with our innovative streaming software to deliver live events around the world. We guide every customer on how to set up and use our software, so you can start streaming within minutes of making your purchase. You don’t need a special studio or specific camera equipment to stream your events.

Our church live streaming software is a cost-effective solution for churches that wish to stream their services, ceremonies, and events to their congregation across the world. We offer a range of pricing options on our software packages, so please explore our website in more detail to find the right package for you or contact us for a free, no-obligation consultation.

Absolutely! We have created comprehensive technical support and phone support package with all of our church management software packages including our video streaming solutions. You will receive guidance and instructions with your video streaming service and our expert customer service team are here to answer any questions or resolve any potential issues that may arise.

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