The Best Church Accounting Software

The Best Church Accounting Software

Designed for Church Accounting

The basic requirements of the best accounting software systems are to help you track income and funds, generate financial reports, manage payroll, and deal with bookkeeping tasks.

No longer will you need to spend days and nights on end trying to balance a general ledger, tracking all accounts receivable and accounts payable from multiple accounts.

We’ve developed our software with the accounting needs of churches as our main focus, so find out about each of the features of our accounting solution included below.

Fund Accounting

It is so important that your church tracks the funds available, how they are used, and the return on potential investments. With income and expense tracking, our software will allow you to maximize the potential of any funds available, whilst showing the stakeholders that funds are being used correctly. This encompasses true fund accounting, multiple funds, and restricted funds.

Financial Reporting 

Generating financial reports and budgeting reports on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis can often be time consuming and irritating. With our accounting software solution, you can use templates and automate the process to make it an efficient process whenever you need to create them.

Payroll Management

You can use our integrated payroll system to manage your employees, process payments, and allowances, like housing allowances, and ensure tax payments are completed as required. Whether you have a few members of staff or a large multi-church community, we can support you every step of the way.

Assisted Bookkeeping Service

Bookkeeping encompasses many aspects of the financial process and our church accounting software for small and large churches has the tools you need to work efficiently and effectively. These include:

  • Importing financial transactions from your bank accounts
  • Create journal entries for any payments, transfers or other activities
  • Accounts payable and accounts receivable 
  • Chart of accounts 
  • Generate invoices to send out and manage payments received
  • Run bank reconciliation regularly (per week, per month) 
  • Manage the church’s bills (pay bills and monitor details)
  • Track and manage other aspects of the church’s bookkeeping

Financial Reporting
for Your Church

As the custodian or administrator of a church, you will need to present financial reports to donors, stakeholders, and the relevant authorities, like the Financial Accounting Standards Board. Our church accounting software makes this process efficient and stress-free while ensuring your organization abides by nonprofit accounting standards. 



It is so important to manage the limited funds available to you. With our accounting software, you can create effective budgets and budgeting reports in a few simple steps. Through our accounting solution, you can easily track accounts receivable and accounts payable, so these can be considered when creating your church's budgeting reports. You will need to justify expenditures and present budgets to the decision-making committee and we can help with these reports within our church accounting software.

Financial statements

Financial statements

Easily generate your church financial statements including the balance sheet, income statement, cash flow statement, and other key reporting statements that your stakeholders require. You can then share these via email, printouts, or upload them to cloud-based systems.



Forming such a large part of church funding, the financial reporting in our church accounting software allows you to report on the donations received. Furthermore, you can delve into the makeup of demographics who have donated, times and values and report on how these donations have been spent. Our church accounting software will allow you to both improve your giving system and how funds are used.

Faster and more efficient giving system

Understanding data is essential to making the most of the donations your church receives. If you can create a more efficient online giving software solution, then you can improve donations, maximise how it’s used, and help more people. Membership management and in particular, membership contributions should be an efficient and effective process.

Church Accounting Software | Easier to Donate

Easier to donate

If you can make it quick and easier to donate, then you are going to get more people to give money to your church. We have designed our accounting software to make it as easy as possible for members of your congregation and others to donate using web-based church systems.

Not only will it be easy for you to see the cash flow statements. Those that donate can also choose their preferred payment method, including online using their mobile devices, direct deposit, or checks.

Appeal to the more modern members of the congregation

An online giving system must be innovative, accessible, and utilise modern methods of interaction. Being able to share links on social media, receive payments quickly, and set up automatic recurring payments will enable your church to appeal to the more modern, technologically advanced members of society.

Church Accounting Software | Appeal to the more modern members of the congregation
Church Accounting Software | Produce Statements

Produce statements

It is important that all relevant statements about donations are produced, both for internal purposes and for the donors themselves. Our church accounting software lets you easily track donations from multiple accounts, prepare contribution statements with all relevant details, and then share them with users via email or printouts.


Keep track of who has pledged money to your church and how much allows you to monitor regular payees, manage payments from multiple accounts, contact them about future events and budget for future projects. With our accounting software, you will be able to track income and expenses and forecast expected income, knowing whether you can afford to spend existing funds.


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Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve put together some of the most commonly asked questions about our Church Accounting Software. We hope the answers we’ve provided will help you decide to invest in one of the best church accounting software programs out there.

The Church Accounting Software is a complete church finance system designed specifically for churches and ministries. It is an all-in-one solution that will help with the day-to-day requirements of managing church finances including the church’s bookkeeping, payroll, and reporting. Using our software solution also ensures your church’s accounting will abide by nonprofit accounting standards.

Our great church accounting software also delivers tailor-made solutions for donation tracking, online collection and reporting. We make the financial management of your church efficient and effective so that you can maximise the time you spend on the work that matters.

Our church accounting software, designed to be easy to use, has been created with the user in mind. This means each process, feature, and function work in an intuitive way—specifically for church leaders and administrators who work with financial data.

Quickly generate reports for stakeholders to review or track the performance of events you have recently run. There is an almost unlimited number of ways this church software can help make your life easier, allowing you to focus on more important matters that ensure your church will make a great difference in this world.

Yes, you can import your existing data to ensure a smooth transition to our church accounting solution. No matter whether you’re working from spreadsheets, a generic small business accounting system like Quickbooks online, or other cloud-based accounting software, our experts can help you switch over without stress and worry. You will be back up and running to pay bills and monitor online donations within a short time.

The pricing depends on the package you go for and whether you choose one or more of our Church Helper solutions (e.g. Church Management Software, Church Website Builder, etc.). It is important to remember that our accounting software systems are designed specifically for churches and so they will deliver savings in both time and money. Take a moment to explore our website for prices on all aspects of our church accounting software or speak to one of our experts today.

Yes, we provide support from the initial discussions about your requirements to purchasing a church management system including accounting, as well as setting it up and after-sales care. Our expert customer service team understands the software, understands what our customers expect, and makes sure we deliver on those expectations every time. We also have helpful user guides with each piece of church software that we offer.

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