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Church Apps
Church Apps
Our church app is the perfect solution for your church or ministry

We have developed our church app solution to help every church and ministry engage people in their community. This can include church leaders, church staff, members of the congregation, or 3rd parties who support your church.

Every one of our church apps is created specifically for each client, taking into consideration your specific requirements to ensure the end results deliver the best possible results. Our commitment to our clients compels us to help not only in communicating and engaging the church’s congregation but help in expanding and growing the community.

By utilising mobile app technology, you can reach and help more people, make a greater difference, and raise more funds for good causes.

Church Apps

Key Features

Our mobile app for churches has a wide range of features that delivers true value for money. Whether that is by saving time, making tasks more efficient, or providing new avenues to raise funds and communicate—you’ll find that investing in custom mobile apps for your church to be worth every cent.

We’ve listed some of the main features of Church Apps below.

Custom Church App

We’re committed to creating a bespoke mobile app just for your church or ministry. This means that from the very start, we will work in a transparent and collaborative way to build your custom app.

Customisation gives you the freedom to apply custom branding, resulting in a modernized branded app designed for your church. Plus, you can also choose what great features to include.

Perhaps you want a way to receive notifications about prayer requests from your church website and social media accounts to the app. You can then input these requests into a prayer list. If you’re a senior pastor, having interactive sermon notes fully integrated into the app might be something you want. You can also customise the number of push notifications that can be sent and received.

These are just some of what you can include in your bespoke mobile apps. The possibilities are quite endless.

As a result of this approach, you can have faith that the mobile app will not only deliver results but become a powerful platform that goes beyond expectations.

Easy to use

At the core of all Church Helper’s systems is the determination to support many churches by making day-to-day operational tasks as efficient to carry out as possible. This way, you and your staff can focus your time and energy on the matters that make the most impact on your church’s mission.

As such, Church Apps is easy to use and very user friendly. You’ll find it easy to have more users acquainted with your custom church apps, as people of all ages will find it a breeze to use and navigate.

Photo, Video and Audio Content

Within the church app suite, your users have full access to a host of features. Media delivery in the app allows them to access small group material, a copy of the Bible (very handy for Bible Study), follow sermons, make notes, submit messages, prayers, and prayer requests.

Via a document library in the app, you can provide your users with content they need, as well as allow for file sharing among your church members, like those in small groups or a local church. Church leaders, like the senior pastor of a local church, can also directly share a file of their sermon. Interactive sermon notes can be included, which may inspire your members to study God’s teachings more dutifully.

They can engage with gospel-centered content such as sermons delivered via video or audio, all from one handy location. The in-app media player allows for smooth consumption of the content available to your members. You can provide other media directly to users that will help them feel supported and stay connected no matter their location.

Push Notifications and News Feed

Push notifications and a news feed are central to improving church engagement and creating the ultimate engagement platform. Utilizing these two features will make the challenge of connecting with your community in these difficult times a thing of the past.

Through the church app, you can send push notifications to all church app users quickly and effectively. This means you can send out reminders for events, suggest verse readings, promote giving to church causes, and anything else you feel important to share.

Regularly update your news feed to include key information that your congregation require, ensuring your users know exactly what is going on and when. Provide content through the news feed that invites church engagement, as well as direct traffic to your church website and social media accounts.


Giving to your church

The ability to raise funds for your church and other good causes is so important and we’ve designed our custom church apps to make this job so much easier. Your church app users can participate in online giving at the touch of a button using their mobile devices. No more sending over complicated instructions or payment forms in order to raise funds.


Do you spend a lot of time running events? With our church app, you can send push notifications to all users of upcoming events including worship services, weddings, funerals, conferences and fundraising events for your church community.

The app offers an events calendar you and your users can access. All the information will be in one place for each user to access whenever they need it, making your church app the only thing they need. This includes registering for events and setting reminders for events.

Blogs and social media

Every church and ministry needs to engage with its community using the most modern tools including blogs and social media. Our mobile apps will allow you to share blog posts with its users and connect your social media pages including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. This means your custom church app users can stay up to date on all your latest social media activity.

Church Apps
Connect mobile apps to our Church Helper systems

If you’re one of our valued customers using our suite of Church Helper systems, then you will love our custom church app. You can connect your church app with our full range of systems. Whether you use our accounting package, church management system, presentation software, or streaming service, it all works together seamlessly and effectively.

We’ve put together a list of the most frequently asked questions about Church Apps, along with some short answers. If you’d like to know more about our custom mobile app and how it can transform your church, then get in touch with one of our app developer teams today.

Church Apps

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve put together a list of the most frequently asked questions about Church Apps, along with some short answers. If you’d like to know more about our custom mobile app and how it can transform your church, then get in touch with one of our app developer teams today.

Church Apps combines a wealth of features that will truly transform your church. You can share sermons, bible study lessons, and sermon notes, as well as upload podcasts and video messages. Sending out push notifications to your users and providing content via the news feed are tasks you can easily accomplish using your custom church app.

Furthermore, users can donate money in seconds via online giving, search for events and opportunities, and access our full range of Church Helper tools. The integrated media player allows for smooth media delivery for all users, making it easier for them to consume religious content provided by your church.

Your church app will also integrate with social media, blogs, church mobile websites, and some 3rd party connections as well. If you have our other church systems, you can easily integrate them into your custom app to create a single, one-stop-shop for all your church needs. Keeping track of your church’s growth and needs will be a breeze with your custom mobile app in the palm of your hands.

Absolutely! Managing your church app is so easy through our intuitive dashboard. If you ever have any questions or concerns, then our team of experts are here to support you. This means no matter where you are, as long as you have access to the internet, you can access all the functions and settings you will need and stay connected. 

As all church app providers are dedicated to doing, we will provide regular updates to ensure the app performs as efficiently as possible and stays secure.

We start with a conversation! Our experts will take the time to discuss your church app requirements in detail, creating a bespoke plan on the design, functions and features that will form the application.

From here, we will work efficiently to create your tailored solution. As we continue to strive to be one of the best church app companies and church app providers available to you, we create clients’ custom apps with utmost care.

Throughout the design, development, and testing stages we embrace the idea of collaboration and communication, as we believe it delivers a better result for our customers. You will be able to see what is happening, ask questions, and work with us to make changes to your digital platform if required.

We’re proud to offer a bespoke church app at a very reasonable price, offering you fantastic savings in the short term and long term. Understanding the price involved depends on the number of features, functions, custom branding, and design preferences you require.

The best option is to speak to one of our experts about your requirement, so we can provide you with a detailed, evidence-based quotation.

We will have your brand new church app up and running very quickly, on average in 30-60 days depending on requirements. This is very much an estimate and we believe in providing accurate quotations before starting any project. As a result, we will talk to you in-depth about your requirements in order to provide a clear timeline with no nasty surprises or changes.

It is important to remember that getting the product right, to the highest quality means not compromising on the process. We don’t believe in rushing a service if it means a poorer product and our customers love this approach.

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