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Church presentation software designed, developed and implemented purely for churches and ministries. With a focus on user experience, we have developed our software to enable your church to connect with its congregation in a simple and effective way.

If your church embraces technology and its ability to engage with its members, then you have more opportunities to share your message, making a difference to not only your local community but communities around the world. Our church presentation software is a key component of this process.

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Who is it for?

This presentation software is designed for all stakeholders to use efficiently, with easy to follow instructions and expert support. Below are the three key user groups that will have their entire service and worship experience transformed by using Church Presentation Software.

Church staff

Church staff

We understand a church is more than one person. It is a collection of staff members supporting the congregation and church activities. Each member of your team will be able to use the worship presentation software easily, even without prior knowledge of the software solution. Whether that is managing prompts for someone speaking, playing video files, or coordinating all your song lyrics on the big screen.

Church pastors

Church pastors

Do you deliver sermons every worship service? Or perhaps use Google slides or PowerPoint slides displayed via a projector in your worship services? Our presentation software will streamline presentation streaming by allowing you to use templates, custom slides, and scripts or sermon notes to ensure everyone can follow along. Whether your audience is at church or remotely attending the worship service, you can ensure clear communication. Use your remote control to display song lyrics, change slides, or highlight Bible verses quickly and efficiently.



Our church presentation software will enhance the worship experience of the whole congregation, as it helps each member follow exactly what is happening. Whether they are attending in person or watching via live streaming, they'll see Bible verses and messages clearly on the big screen. They'll find it easy to sing along using song lyrics, as worship media is displayed neatly. Via your custom slides, you can communicate all key info for the entire service.

Benefits of Church
Presentation Software

Fantastic primary benefits await you in choosing our church presentation software. We truly believe it can transform your entire service and events experience. Discover some of the incredible benefits below and take the first step to a clearer, more efficient worship presentation software for your church.

Easy to use

At the heart of every system we create, we focus on user experience and improving the lives of our customers. As a result, the worship presentation software designed by our team is incredibly easy to use, highly intuitive, and functional. We have only included important basic features and functions that are useful to our customers. This reduces the potential for confusion and allows presentation software to perform more efficiently.

More than just PowerPoint

We go above and beyond what people normally understand presentation software and worship software to be. It isn’t simply a PowerPoint style piece of software but an intuitive, multi-feature solution that will transform your presentations. You’ll have access to live streaming and sermon recording. You can import songs, video files, and other worship media from your media library or a media store. Then, incorporate them into smart slides for Sunday morning service and choir events. Integrate Bible verses in multiple languages from a Bible site, create sermon notes, prepare designs for stage display, layout management, and so much more.


You won’t need to worry about installing large files or storing a lot of data on your computer, nor with compatibility with Mac OS, Microsoft Windows, or Linux Operating Systems. Thanks to our cloud-based system, everything you create is saved to the cloud instantly. Not only does this limit the impact on your existing computer system, but it also allows for multiple users to work on a presentation from anywhere in the world.

Brings everyone together

The church embodies the ideal of bringing people together in faith and making a difference in their lives. Our software solution helps make this possible in multiple ways, starting with church employees. Your team can collaborate from anywhere in the world and create custom slides thanks to our cloud-based solution. From there, it will allow you to present in church services and events to your congregation, in-person and the same extent online. Audience interaction features will help you smoothly present your message.

Expert Support

We’ve put together an expert support package for every customer who uses our church presentation software. Our customer service team is available online to provide step-by-step guides, links to training videos and instructions, and answers to questions you may have. We can also deliver training on how to use the software, including creating presentations, importing worship media, and troubleshooting technical issues.


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Transform your presentations today

Technology plays such an important role in connecting with your congregation and sharing your message of love and faith. So, let our technology transform how you communicate. Beautiful, interactive presentations can be yours in a few clicks at minimal cost to your church, delivering countless benefits for years to come.

Now that you have seen the benefits of using our church presentation software, we would love to talk to you about your church’s requirements.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve put together a list of the most commonly asked questions, as well as our answers to help customers find the best church presentation software for them. If you would like to find out more information about our church presentation software solution, then get in touch and one of our experts will be happy to discuss our service, in a free, no-obligation consultation.

Our church presentation software is designed to help you stay connected with your entire congregation, no matter where they are. Perhaps you wish to deliver a presentation at your church, at an event or even remotely, we have you covered. Deliver high-quality live productions for worship service, as well as various events, like thanksgiving celebrations and sporting events.

We have designed this software specifically for churches and that means there are no wasted features or functions. Everything is there to ensure your church leaders can deliver a sermon, present key information or import existing presentations from other systems (cross-platform).


Yes, it is very easy to use and get started with. We’ve put it together in a way that makes sense and feels intuitive. No more getting frustrated with loads of buttons and options that feel irrelevant. You can follow the step by step guides that support each of our software solutions, as well as get support from our expert customer service. The entire worship experience will be smooth for you, the presenter, and your audience.

Anyone who plays a part in your church, whether that is the lead pastor, administrator, events leader, or members of your congregation. You can choose from various options that allow for multiple people to view the same content or work on the same presentation.

Maybe you want to deliver a financial presentation to the church stakeholders, display songs via a video file for choir practice, or run a Sunday school lesson remotely. Using our church presentation management tool will help you easily achieve this.

We have a range of options for our church customers and it very much depends on what you wish to use. Our bespoke software solutions for churches offer fantastic value for money and savings across the board. Get in touch with one of our experts or sign up today to find out more.

Across all software categories, those we designed here at Church Helper are easy to use and intuitive, but we don’t simply leave our customers to it. We have a team of dedicated experts who are ready to answer your questions, explain processes, and resolve any potential issues you may have quickly and efficiently.

Find out how we can help you get started today!
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