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Church Helper will help you improve your finances, engage more with your congregation, and focus on the things that matter most!

About us

Church Helper is the leading church management platform – rated #1 by Software Testing Pros.

We combine all of your administrative processes into one, effective solution that saves you both time and money. Grow your congregation, improve donations, reduce your expenses, and make a difference to those around you.

Easy To Use

All of your information is at your fingertips—ready to make managing your church fast, efficient, and effective. Our intuitive and powerful church management software is straightforward from the very start, allowing you to create new records, coordinate church communication, and events, and manage your finances in a clear and structured way.


We understand the importance of spending your church budget wisely. That is why we have developed an affordable price plan that delivers clear results. So, you can factor in the church management software cost easily in your budget.

Saving time on your management tasks is important, but saving money too can make such a difference. Imagine having more money to put into community schemes, caring for others, and restoring your church. You can do all this thanks to our affordable church management software.

Everything you need in one app


User management, easy to use search and tagging


Donation and donor management and reporting


Individual user and user group messaging


Events management, check-ins for kids and adults

Free Import

Data import from CRM or other ChMS systems


Accessible from desktop, tablet, or mobile phone


Accounting and reporting of financial data, and monitoring financial health


Premium technical support by chat or email

The first customers will get a discount

Become the first Church Management Software users for churches and get a 50% discount on paid plans. Hurry, seats are limited.
Spots left out of 100
Manage people & communication

Manage your church congregation, donors, partners, and any other important contacts that form part of your church organisation. Our software offers a complete membership management system that will help you easily add, amend, and remove contacts in a few easy steps.

Use our communication tools to send out messages, invites, or reminders to any group or individuals to maximise engagement. Storing everything in our system means you can do all of your marketing and administration in one, simple system.

Manage events & check-ins

Plan, monitor, and review all of your events with our church management software today! A lot of time and effort goes into events and thanks to our system, you can streamline this process—whether it is a local fundraiser, wedding, or funeral.

Events are an important way to generate funds for the church and its good causes. Our system allows you to host successful events through attendance management, and monitoring engagement and performance, as well as seeing who check-in, contributes, and gives important feedback, all in one place.

Manage reports & accounting

Accounting and financial reporting support at the touch of a button. Our reports and accounting software help you monitor finances and track donations, expenditure, and event performance.

You can create bespoke reports for the key stakeholders in your church organisation and generate regular reports. All of this will guide you towards a more efficient, effective, and healthy church.

Free data import

We will work with you to import your existing data (e.g. member data), absolutely free! No matter the system you use, our team will help ensure a smooth transition to our church management software.

We are committed to helping all of our customers experience a stress-free transfer and start to explore the benefits of our system from day one.

3 month trial period

Try our software FREE* for 3 months so you can improve your finances, engage more with your congregation, and focus on the things that matter most!

*$20 per month after the trial is over

Frequently Asked Questions

We have put together a list of the most frequently asked questions by our customers, in an effort to help you make an informed and educated decision about whether this is the best church management software for you.

When you join Church Helper, you get access to a wealth of features, support, and information with our church management software (ChMS) that makes managing the daily operations of your church incredibly easy.

People & Communication

To start with, our ChMS helps you manage all of your contacts—whether they are church members of your congregation, donors, partners, related organizations or any other group you need to manage. This is one of the most useful features for volunteer management and church membership plans. Our ChMS allows you to search intelligently, add, amend, and remove people and communicate effectively with them all. Small group management is key to organization and we specialize in this aspect of church management.

An example may be that you have a fundraising idea for a local charity and would like to send round information to all of your supportive donors to tell them about it, all via your church software.

Events & Check-ins

Our church management solution also features event management. You can use this as a planning center to help manage events and review all of the events you organize within your church including fundraising, weddings, funerals, and more. Our effective management system will let you record all of the key information, link contacts, and create groups—sending out a mass email with contact information such as times, phone numbers, and email links in a few simple steps.

It doesn’t stop here though with our software, as our system allows you to monitor the performance and interaction of events, vital when planning budgets and forecasting revenue. You can see when an adult or child check-in for events and how much money was spent. This is all at your fingertips via the user-friendly interface of our church management solution. This connection with the central member management features helps utilize data across the church, not just the church check-in section.

Reports & Church Accounting

We are proud to offer an intuitive, effective, and time-saving church platform for managing reports and accounting. This will help you streamline your processes and activities, and keep an eye on the finances of the church while focusing on the day-to-day aspects that are so important.

You can record donations, text giving, online giving, expenditure, and track specific income streams. Pledge management will be useful for large churches, small groups, and church teams alike.

From here, you can create bespoke reports detailing key information that you need to know, run reports, or present to church leaders and ministry leaders, as well as relevant organizations.

If you’re saving for a particular fund, such as new church windows, multi-site overheads, or charity donations, then you should use our ChMs. Church finances will be revolutionised.

We appreciate other church management system providers out there, but we truly believe that we can offer you the best software for your church, at a cost-effective price and with some great features that you can’t find in one place.

To start with, we are cheaper than our competitor’s church management solution thanks to our intelligent and efficient setup, focusing on delivering the best product that our customers need. Saving you money whilst delivering better web-based church management software is our central mission.

Our church management system delivers the functionality that our customers require and we deliver more features than our competitors. This is what makes us stand out so read on about all the tools and amazing features churches and ministries can enjoy with our software.

We are always innovating and developing our products, so if you join us, you will not only get a product that delivers today but one with future improvements including a streaming capability to share your church with those around the world. In these difficult times, having the ability to oversee online giving, communicate with church members, and effectively deal with small group management issues wherever you are will make a huge difference to thousands of churches. Integration with others through online portals can add much-needed life to any religious organization.

We are one of the few companies that have created church management software designed by people who have spent time working in church administration, for churches around the world.

We also offer a free church management software trial, letting you explore all the features and benefits of our church software.

No, unlike many other software providers, we don’t limit the number of members you can add to Church Helper. This makes it far more scalable than most and a fantastic long-term investment as it can grow alongside your church, without the need for greater investment.

It is our aim to help a church grow its congregation, widen church member-reach, and their ability to support people in their local community—whether that is small groups or wider city projects. Our scalable church management software solution helps massively with this goal.

Register for free today and find out more about our church management software.

Our software is for religious organizations—of any size and denomination—and we work with many faith-based organizations around the country. We believe in delivering the top church management software for everyone and providing a solution full of features to help the fantastic work that churches do all over the world.

For small churches or mid-size churches that wish to keep track of activities and your congregation, or a large group of churches that you wish to streamline and introduce efficient processes, then we are the right church management software for you.

So, whether you want a simple membership management system for your church, or an all-around cloud-based church management system, then we are the right people for you. Churches’ administrative tasks have become easier, more efficient, and user-friendly through our church management tools.

If you would like to find out more about how our software can help your church, register for free today.

Yes! Unlike many of our competitors, we offer free data import from your existing church administration system. So, whether this may be from an existing church administration software or simple spreadsheets, just ask one of our experts for assistance and they will manage the transfer process for you. Thousands of churches could improve their process, so why not get started today.

For example, if churches currently have an attendance track running through a spreadsheet, then we can help transfer that into our church database software.

We understand how overwhelming this can feel. That is why we are committed to making it simple, efficient, and hassle-free for you. Our experts will talk you through the process, explain what we need, provide templates and instructions and answer your questions or concerns at every step. All of this is free of charge when you join our church management software!

Yes, we truly believe our church management software will help improve the finances of your church, through some fantastic features, giving you the ability to run reports on all aspects of the church management.

It has church attendance tracking to enable you to see who has attended which events, track attendance at worship services, and more, so you can tell how to plan and deliver better the next time. It has a volunteer management section to help schedule volunteers, as well as an all-around member directory and accounting management. Small sections such as contributions accounting, giving statements generation, and contribution management delivers big results for your church.

It is an all-encompassing church membership solution that is user-friendly, makes it easy to focus on faith-based activities, and meets the data and information needs of all churches. Furthermore, you are likely to save money from the different software solutions you are currently using for your church, combining them into one fully integrated system.

Yes, our software will work on your phone and has been designed to work efficiently and effectively on any device. We have plans in the future for a dedicated mobile app so that you can manage your church and its accounting on the go, wherever, and whenever you want.

More detail about our future mobile app and features will be released in due course so we advise all churches to keep an eye out on our website and social media for more! Mobile apps will also allow your congregation and members to get more involved at the touch of a button, as more and more people go online through their mobile phones as opposed to computers.

Yes! We are pleased to offer a free trial to churches interested in exploring all the features of the best software around, so sign up for your free trial today using our help forms below.

Once your free demo is complete, you move on to our affordable, low price payment plan that will offer you all features and functions of your growing church congregation.

We have committed to making sure every aspect of our cloud-based software is safe and secure to use. This means having in place an array of security features, validation, and backups that protect data from misuse.

Thanks to it being a cloud-based solution, you do not need to worry about downloading any confidential data such as contact information to the computer you are using, reducing the risk of someone else accessing that data without your knowledge or consent.

When you sign up, we will provide guidance and support on how best to maintain your account, including the types of passwords to use and best practices for data management. If you are ever concerned or want to know more about how we keep your information secure then our experts are here to guide you.

Find out how we can help you get started today!
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